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Get Affordable Non-Surgical Facelift in India at the Best Clinics

Get a free consultation for Lunch Time Non Surgical Face Lift in India to rejuvenate your face non-surgically at Cosmetic & Obesity Surgery Hospital India.


Having a beautiful and buttery soft skin is everyone’ wish but not everyone is lucky in this matter. We are constantly hammered by anti-ageing, anti-acne, scar removal advertisements that we come across around us. Along with these cosmetics, there are many procedures that are very beneficial in getting rid of such skin related issues. Today, there are many kinds of surgical and non-surgical Facelift procedures that are highly prevalent and are preferred to get a better and younger looking skin. But if given an option, most of us will opt for non-surgical choices.

Affordable Lunch Time Non Surgical Face Lift in India

Non-surgical Facelift procedures

Even the strongest person can go weak if suggested a surgical procedure. Going under the knife can be quite frightening today with so much advances in the medical field, there is many non-surgical procedures available much to the respite of such patients:

  1. LED – This is a painless procedure where different coloured lights are used on the face for curing acne scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, redness and inflammation.
  2. Botox – A very common terminology in the world of celebrities, Botox injections use different types of Botulinum toxin to paralyze muscle activity temporarily. It is very beneficial in reducing wrinkles and takes about 24-72 hours for the results to be seen.
  3. Thermage – A radiofrequency cosmetic procedure, which is beneficial for smoothening and tightening the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles; also works in lifting the cheeks, brows and jaw line.
  4. Ultherapy – This process uses ultrasound to heat the tissues under the skin’s surface to boost the production of Collagen. Ultherapy can be done every6-12 months.
  5. Filler – These are injectable fillers that fill the wrinkles, fine lines and creases; can also be referred to as volumizers that help in plumping and lifting the jaw line, temple and cheeks.
  6. Laser Skin Resurfacing – This process gives a younger skin by treating layer after layer very carefully. This helps in getting rid of acne and other kind of scars. The treatment for complete face takes about 2 hours and after 5-7 days the skin starts feeling dry and peels off.
  7. Threadlifts – This procedure can be done in about 2 hours where the surgeon inserts thin threads via tiny incisions in the targeted portion. These threads join the skin tissue and then are pulled back to lift the face. The ends of the threads are concealed and the results are seen immediately and last for about 18 months, after which the threads are absorbed in the body.

Cost of Facelift Treatment in India

When we hear about the non-surgical Facelift procedures, we generally assume that these must be very expensive and is not for common people’s use. But India ensures that these procedures can be availed by one and all because the cost of non-surgical Facelift in India is very reasonable. There are major price differences that the international patients can enjoy by getting these procedures done in India.

Best Hospitals for Facelift Treatment

Maximum cities in India are home to internationally accredited hospitals blessed with advanced treatment related to every kind of medical speciality. With every passing year, the number of patients that these hospitals are welcoming is rising rapidly. This is mainly because these hospitals feature the best kind of medical infrastructure that is at par with international standards.
One of the best hospitals in India for availing these procedures is Fortis Hospitals because this hospital is equipped with the most advanced cure for every speciality. Cosmetic surgery procedures and treatment at Fortis is highly favoured by patients coming from all corners of the globe. There is regular implementation of the most sophisticated Cosmetic treatment techniques with outcomes that are at par with the patients’ expectations.

Success Rate in India

Since the results of the non-surgical Facelift procedures are very much viable for everyone, last for quite some time and also the patients can avoid getting under the knife, and also the cost of non-surgical facelift in India is very affordable, more and more people are opting for these procedures. Even though these are non-surgical but there are specific tools and instrument that are required. Also, the advances in the field of Cosmetology, there is continual updates that are being introduced leading to more accuracy and high procedural success.

For Free Consultation Contact Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India offers amazing services to the medical tourists so that their medical tour becomes an extremely rewarding experience. We have the best network of Cosmetic hospitals to ensure the best and maximum treatment options to our patients. In order to enjoy our plethora of services, the patients need to reach out to us and we will plan their tour in the best way possible.

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