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How Much Does Varicocele Embolization Cost in India?

How Much Does Varicocele Embolization Cost in India?
The success rate for affordable varicocele embolization cost in India is around 99%. varicocele embolization in Delhi, Cost of varicocele embolization in Mumbai, low cost varicocele embolization India

Overview : Varicocele Embolization

Do you experience pain and swelling in the testicles or did you turn out to be positive on infertility test? The varicocele embolization in India is the latest non surgical alternative treatment. This is a minimally invasive treatment that is used to block the blood flow in the damaged veins in your scrotum. The varicocele embolization cost in India is quite affordable.

How much does Varicocele Embolization Cost in India

A varicocele is an abnormality in the veins taking the blood flow away from the testicles. Due to abnormality in the veins, it swells and become more obvious like the varicose veins. To get rid of this problem you should undergo varicocele embolization in India which the abnormal veins are blocked satisfactorily.

A varicocele may cause discomfort in the scrotum. This situation can become worse when you are performing the physical activities such as cycling, exercises and standing. Often the varicocele is diagnosed when you go for the investigation of infertility and this treatment will help you to raise the sperm count.

Varicocele Embolization Treatment and Procedure

During the varicocele embolization treatment procedure, your doctor will firstly ask you to lie flat on your back on the X-ray table. Then your doctor will insert a needle into a vein in your arm for sedating you so that you will feel less pain. A monitoring device is then attached to your chest and finger to keep track of your heart rate and other vital signs. You will be provided oxygen via small tubes that enter your nose, the skin near the point of incision is shaved and sterilized while the rest of your body is covered with theatre towel.

Your physician will then numb the area often the groin, occasionally it can be the neck with a local anesthetic. A small incision is made on the area then with the help of image guidance, a thin, long, plastic tube called catheter is inserted through the skin into the femoral vein which is a large blood vessel in the groin. It is then moved to the treatment site. Subsequently small amounts of X-ray dye are injected which gives your doctor a complete picture about your veins and the doctor gets to know which veins should he/she embolize or block.

At last the tiny coils made of stainless stell are injected in the veins to help prevent the blood flow in the veins. Now when the blood flow is prevented, the backflow in the testicle is stopped and the blood gets diverted to healthy veins which exit the testicle to normal pathways. Hence the swelling and pressure within the testicle will now reduce. After the completion of the procedure, the catheter is removed and pressure is applied to stop the bleeding. Then the opening of the skin is covered with dressing. The procedure is completed within an hour.

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Affordable Varicocele Embolization COST in India

So why is varicocele embolization in India better than surgery? This is because your doctor will only make a small incision on your body that doesn’t need stitches. Hence the recovery time is short. As with any other minimally invasive technique, the technical success rate for affordable varicocele embolization cost in India is around 99%. The pregnancy success rate is around 50% which is higher as compared to the surgery which is only 30%. The risks of varicocele embolization are very minimal as compared to the surgery and the allergic reactions to contrast while the embolic agent might accumulate in a wrong place.

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