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Reduction and Augmentation Rhinoplasty to Reshape Nose

Reduction and Augmentation Rhinoplasty to Reshape Nose
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Reduction and Augmentation Rhinoplasty to Reshape Nose

Treatment for oversized nose:

Some people have abnormally larger noses that grab attention more than any other facial part. Noses might be bigger in overall size or might have unusual profile at a particular part. Some people have broad nostrils. Some people have issues related to tip of the nose. Either the tip of the nose is too rounded and large or it is oriented too upwards or downwards deteriorating the aesthetic appearance of nose.

Cosmetic surgery can reduce the shape and size of nose to make it appropriately proportionate with other facial parts. The surgery is clinically called as reduction rhinoplasty ( Surgeons administer local anesthesia to make the patients feel drowsy and insensitive regarding the pain during the surgery.

They make smaller incisions either under nostrils or between nostrils on the soft tissue. The incision depends on access required to remove fat deposits and cartilage.

Surgeons use small surgical tools to remove fat deposits and glandular tissues from underlying areas. They don’t trim out the excess skin as it can restore its shape according to the new profile of nose after surgery.

Treatment for smaller noses:

Some people have smaller noses compared to their other facial parts resulting in odd looks as if the nose is sticking to their face. Cosmetic surgery can be performed to enlarge the size of nose to get appropriate volume and density to nose and reshape it to a bigger proportionate size. This particular cosmetic surgical procedure is known as augmentation rhinoplasty.

For increasing the size and shape of nose surgeons place some implants in the pockets made in the nose tissues. They take incisions and use various types of implants to increase the natural contours and overall volume of nose.

These surgical procedures can also be used to correct the airway for breathing to treat breathing problems as well.


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A nose job or a rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which is done for both medical and cosmetic reasons. It can be done to improve normal functioning like breathing and olfactory functions.
In order to gain the proper volume and contour to flat or dumpy cheeks cosmetic surgeons perform cheek augmentation.
Depending on your specific needs and goals, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, MD, FACS can custom-tailor your nose job to help you achieve a natural, balanced look.
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Cosmetic surgery can resolve all these problems and make the desired correction to the shape and size of nose, particular parts of nose and correct the airway for breathing as well.
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