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Gastric Balloon in India helps you to get best attractive look without making a hole in your pocket

Gastric Balloon in India helps you to get best attractive look without making a hole in your pocket
Gastric Balloon is becoming a popular weight loss alternative to “going under the knife”. Get a free consultation at Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India.


Gastric balloon is an incision-free, reversible and a weight loss procedure. There are three such devices approved for the treatment in the U.S. The Orbera Gastric Balloon, the Reshape Integrated Dual Balloon System and the Obalon Balloon System. But gastric balloon surgery has been approved and used for years in some parts of Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico and as well as South America.

Gastric balloon is also called as the intra-gastric balloon. the concept of gastric balloon surgery is very simple. A deflated soft silicone balloon is inserted into the patient’s stomach through the mouth and filled with liquid or air. Reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold and causing the patient to feel fuller faster when they eat. The balloon can be left in the stomach for up to six months. Once the gastric balloon is removed, the stomach and the patient's appetite return to normal condition. Everyone is not same when it comes to adjusting the gastric balloon, some patients do get used to it a lot easier than others but some may find that for the first few days afterwards, they’ll have to bloat, cramps, nausea, and even vomiting but this only because patient’s stomach is getting used to the balloon. After a few days, this will settle down to normal.

Gastric Balloon in India


There are two available procedures for gastric balloon in India that are Reshape Integrated Dual Balloon System and Orbera Gastric Balloon. Both treatments are performed under sedation or general anesthesia. The more recently approved Obalon Balloon System technique takes a completely different approach.

This procedure generally takes twenty to thirty minutes to perform. No overnight hospital stay is required. The patient can go home in three to four hours after the balloon is inserted and inflated. Some doctors prefer a patient to stay overnight in the hospital.

The surgeon will numb the patient’s throat with an anesthetic spray to allow for easier insertion of the deflated balloon. To visualize the area the surgeon inserts the balloon using tiny, endoscopic instruments, including a pencil-shaped probe with a tiny camera attached to it.

A small tube or catheter is attached to the gastric balloon. The surgeon will fill the balloon with approximately 400-700 ml or as needed of the saline solution or air and then removes the catheter. The gastric balloon has a self-sealing valve and it floats freely inside the stomach. 

Who can benefit with this procedure:

This treatment may be right for someone who wants to lose weight before an upcoming, once-in-a-lifetime event, such as a high school reunion or wedding and it can also help people better to comply with prescribed diets. Unlike with other weight loss surgeries which require a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher in this surgery patients only need a BMI of 27 or above to undergo the gastric balloon procedure. As a result, it is an ultimate weight loss option for lighter individuals who may not be candidates for other forms of bariatric surgery.

On the other side of the treatment, the gastric balloon procedure also may help severely to obese people and can make jump-start massive weight loss in less time. In This type of surgery, it also can be useful for another type of bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass, if a person is too obese to safely undergo a more invasive treatment. Individuals with a body mass index greater than 60 and/or those with certain obesity-related health conditions Risks of bariatric surgery are increased among them.

The gastric balloon procedure can help a person to reach a safer weight before he or she undergoes a surgery. Some obesity-related health problems include high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea may also improve as a result of gastric balloon weight loss.

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