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The Importance of Psychodynamic Therapy

If you’re suffering from a mental illness or you’re in despair due to a life situation, there’s help available to you.

It’s estimated that over 42.5 million Americans suffer from a mental illness each year. Yet, only a little more than half of those suffering seek out treatment and relief from their symptoms. Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, OCD, or PTSD, there is help available. Psychodynamic therapy is a treatment designed to relieve the symptoms associated with mental illness and develop the tools needed to cope with distressing situations and symptoms in the future. By focusing on the subconscious process and thought patterns, the sufferer is able to correct destructive thoughts and live a more fulfilling life.

Using psychodynamic therapy will inevitably lead to higher self-esteem in those participating. Because it focuses on self-reflection and the ability to change thought processes, it allows for patients to gain more confidence in their abilities and learn to love themselves completely. Over time, this leads to an improved satisfaction with relationships and a greater zest for life.

While psychodynamic therapy does help reduce symptoms of mental illness, it’s not a “cure-all” for life’s difficulties. Participants will still encounter bumps in the road and trials. But, with the tools learned during their therapy sessions, patients are better equipped to face these issues and deal with them in a healthy way. There’s less fear of the unknown and more confidence in the participants’ ability to conquer whatever life brings their way.

Many of those who suffer with mental illness are unable to tolerate certain emotions. By engaging in psychodynamic therapy with a licensed and experienced therapist, the ability to handle and recognize various emotions is expanded. Whether those feelings are fear, grief, sadness, happiness, or apprehension, participants will better be able to process these emotions without the symptoms of mental illness weighing them down.

It’s been proven that psychodynamic therapy is a long-lasting treatment. Once completed, the participants can expect to see a dramatic decrease in their mental illness symptoms. Over time, and as the learned tools and coping skills are used more, patients will see that the benefits from their time in therapy increase.

No matter what your symptoms, diagnosis, or life-situation, there is hope. Mental illness doesn’t need to take hold of your life. With the help of Angela Penichet, MS, LCSW, you can alleviate the burden that you feel and improve your situation. Located in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Angela Penichet, MS, LSCW, has over 20 years of experience in helping individuals and couples cope with life’s difficulties and mental illness. Whether you’re facing a divorce or dealing with post-partum depression, find welcome relief with the help of Angela Penichet, MS, LCSW.

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