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How To Choose A Piano Mover!
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A great article on choosing the right piano moving company for your beloved instrument.

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Piano moving is no laughing matter. These majestic instruments bring joy to any who hear them (if the pianist is good!) so the last thing you need is for your beautiful grand piano to be damaged when moved from one location to another.

Ideally, a piano would never have to be moved, but the fact is that life is not always so simple. Sure, your great grandparents may have been able to keep their piano in the same house for decades at a time, but that is not a luxury we have today. People are more mobile than ever, moving from different suburbs, cities, states or even countries. And there is no reason why you should feel you cannot take your piano with you.

No two moves will ever be the same and everyone has a serious risk to damaging your piano if not handled correctly. That is why it is always best to use a professional company. Choose people who specialise in this area and who have potentially years or decades of experience handling this. It is not worth risking your beautiful instrument because you felt you could move it on your own. It is best to swallow your pride and simply hire an expert.

What you should look for in an expert piano mover

  1. Check their reviews

A well-established and reputable piano moving service should have helpful reviews in your local area. A reputation is not something to take lightly, and any company worth their salt would have fought tooth and nail to build and protect their reputation as an expert moving company. Similarly, how long have they been around for? It’s true that new companies can be very good, but there is weight behind a long history of excellence!

  1. Professional attitude

Like their reputation, consider your future mover’s attitude. When you speak with them by phone, in-person, by email or even on their website how do they present themselves? One would hope they would have a professional and courteous attitude, responsible and forthright. How does this relate to the job at hand? Well, if they can have such a good attitude and image, then they are more likely to take care when moving your piano. Much more so than a company with a sloppy image.

  1. Technique

Pianos come in all shapes and sizes, from the massive grand piano (or baby grand!) or the upright pianos that come in all sizes. Or even if you are moving an organ. And like any other company around, piano movers can sometimes specialise in one type. Be sure to check if they have the right technique or experience with the type of piano you are looking to move.

  1. Experience

No situation is the same, just as no piano is ever the same. And every location being moved to or from will be different. Has the piano mover you are considering had experience with a similar location? If you are moving into an apartment then ask if they have experience moving into or out of an apartment. Familiarity with the situation and circumstance can have a significant impact on the quality of their service (and downsizing the risk to your grand instrument!)

What are some of the things you can expect from your move of a Grand Piano?

  • When moving a grand piano, it is common to pad it thickly. Securing a special piano cover over the padding is also used. This is because the grand piano is typically the most fragile type.
  • The mover will likely then use a special padded board on the flat side of your piano, removing one of the side legs and then tipping to the side. Exceptional care must be taken not to break the other piano legs.
  • It is then placed on a four-wheeled dolly and the other 2 legs are removed to begin transporting it.

What About Moving An Upright Piano?

  • Upright pianos, on the other hand, are often moved with no padding, or only a small amount. This is because the most important thing when moving an upright vs, a grand is the need to grip it carefully.
  • If you tried to move an upright piano when fully padded, the pads would likely slip when gripped. This could mean dropping the piano and damaging it, or even the men moving it.
  • The upright piano is always moved on a four-wheel dolly, even when hoisted up like the image below!
  • And when it is not possible to move it on a dolly, people are required to carry it by hand. And in this case, the more hands the better! This is usually the case if moving up or down stairs or around obstacles that would block the dolly.

Moving pianos is not an easy matter, but with care, technique, experience and thinking, the job can be completed quickly, safely and without damage to either the men or the piano!

Many moving companies do have a service included where they can, when moving the rest of your house, also move your piano. However, these movers are not always specialists in this area. Your average moving company may have only moved a few pianos in their time (and hopefully without incident!) This is not to say they are not professional or capable of handling your instrument with due care and delicacy. But they may not be as well experienced in the techniques required to ensure a safe move.

And it is for this reason that we here at Find a Piano always recommend hiring a professional, reputable, experienced and well-reviewed Piano Moving company that has specialised in this area.

We love instruments of all kinds but the Piano has a special place in our heart. And that is why we created this website to help you locate the very best piano moving companies in your statecity or even suburb! Yes, we have one of the very best directories of piano movers in the world. And if, somehow, we do not have a listing for a piano mover near you, please contact us by filling in the form on our “Contact Us Page” to request this. We will endeavour to contact you ASAP with a recommendation that can help with your unique situation.

Stay safe and continue to play beautiful music, wherever you need to move to!

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