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Windows 10 Taskbar & Start Menu - Helpful Assistance
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Windows 10 Taskbar & Start Menu - Helpful Assistance
Windows 10 is an advanced version of Windows series of operating systems and is quite reliable as of today. Additionally, the global customer has the privilege to take the Windows 10 assistance

Windows 10 is an advanced version of Windows series of operating systems and is quite reliable as of today. Additionally, the global customer has the privilege to take the Windows 10 assistance in various areas concerning this particular operating system. Windows 10 has been found to be totally reliable in the international circles and with much advanced features compared to previous versions like Windows 7, 8 & 8.1.

Customization of taskbar in Windows 10

Windows 10 taskbar operates almost in a similar manner like as in the previous versions of the operating system. It provides short cuts and icons. You can have different methods to customize the taskbar. Any guidance in this area can be taken through technical customer support for Windows 10 taskbar issue as well.

Pin applications

If you want to customize the taskbar in easy way, you can pin different applications and shortcuts with it for the fast access. You can open the program from the shortcut or existing menu. You can see the application icon indicating the operation. Right click on this particular icon and then from the context menu, choose the option Pin to taskbar. In another method, there is no requirement of application to run in the initial phase. You can find the application in the start menu and after this can right click on the application. Go to More and then select Pin to Taskbar. You also carry the option to shift the app icon to taskbar in case you want depending on the preference. By this, new shortcut is added to taskbar. To remove, select unpin.

Windows 10 start menu customization

In Windows 10, you can find the start menu and this is good news. You can make the start menu personal and no doubt about it especially if using Windows 10. By editing, rearranging and adding the new items, you can search for the new shortcuts. Live technical help for Windows 10 start menu problem can provide guidance.

 There are three sections in start menu rather than two. The far left panel in the start menu has two icons minimum. One is the account icon and other is the power options icons. The maximum icons are 12. You can customize icons that appear when you open the settings menu and then personalization> start>selecting which folders appear on start. Now, you can do the on/off for the following icons –file explorer, settings. Documents, downloads, music, pictures, videos, home group, network and personal folder. You can change the color of start menu as well.  Start menu with Windows 10 is an advantage because it was missing with one of the previous versions of the operating systems. Things become easy with this.



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