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Corpses, famous people Not all dead bodies are buried or cremated.


Eva Peron

The former first lady of Argentina had her body stored in a military base after her husband’s government was overthrown. Her body was taken back by Juan Peron in 1971 and was kept in his home.

Vladimir Lenin

The most famous way how a dead corpse has been preserved may be from how Russian leader Vladimir Lenin’s body has been preserved since his 1924 death and is on display at Red Square in St. Petersburg.


The French philosopher and writer had his dead body preserved by having it dressed in elaborate clothes while the body was propped up to make him look alive. This was done to keep authorities from stealing his body after his death.

Lord Horatio Nelson

The famed British military hero had his body preserved in brandy after his 1805 death at sea. However, sailors drilled a hole in the box it was stored in and drank all the brandy while in transit.

Mata Hari

The corpse of the infamous WWI spy was held by the Paris Museum of Anatomy as her head was sliced off and placed on display. The rest of the body has since gone missing.

Chang and Eng Bunker

The famed conjoined twins had their bodies coated in a cast for study after their 1874 deaths. Their bodies can be seen at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia.

Ted and John-Henry Williams

Baseball legend Ted Williams’ body is stored at the Alcor cryogenic facility in Arizona. He died in 2002; his son John-Henry, who died a few years later, also has his body stored there.

Freidoun Esfandiary, or FM-2030 as he was legally called, was a transhumanist writer whose body was preserved in a cryogenic facility. This came with his belief that he would live to be 100 in 2030. His body is specifically being treated through vitrification, a process where the body is treated through a rapid decrease in temperature in a glass-like state.

Dick Clair Jones

A television producer and writer who worked alongside Mary Tyler Moore and Bob New Hart, Dick Clair Jones had his body cryogenically frozen after his 1988 death from AIDS.


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