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What are the essential features of wholesale distribution software?

What are the essential features of wholesale distribution software?
Wholesale distribution software should have robust framework that should work in compliance with the MHRA.

Whenever an application is developed for a specific industry, it will be done by following various aspects of targeted industry. The developer need to understand various processes involved and operational changes concerned with the industry. It is formulated to conduct all the necessary activities by revising repeatedly so that every activity can be included in this. When any application is developed, it is crafted carefully considering all the aspects of the targeted industry. Wholesale distribution software should have robust framework that should work in compliance with the MHRA. MHRA rules and regulations are set to provide protection against malpractice in the distribution of the medicines.

Some of the top features of this distribution software provide extremely user friendly support to wholesale distribution. One of the main features involves in billing. Proper billing methods should have many features such as outstanding balances, last date of billing, last rate, and discounts offered in the bill, the credit rate, and also the sale and expiry ratio. Many times the purchase order will not realize into purchase bills, or there might be changes in the last moment. Therefore it is necessary to monitor and follow up of purchase order. Through the robust software features it is possible to convert every purchase order into purchase bill. Use the application to send bulk SMS’s so that you can reach out all your consumers at the same time. This feature is extremely helpful in reaching clients of the same group instantly as soon as you get the supply from the manufacturers, you can intimate them about these medicines so that they can collect them at the earliest.

Sending and receiving mails are also very easy through this software as it is possible to send mails with respect to stock and sales to all MRI’s in a single click. Compile entire list of debit notes through the auto supplier features. Various features of purchase orders are maintained properly providing error free results. Check points are provided and close vigilance is followed after getting these points collected. Through this application all types of reports are generated with ease and it can be produced in two types of formats like axles, and html. Speed of billing process is enhanced and process is completed with lightning speed. It is built to manage and monitor all the accounting facilities from starting stage to final stage. Monitor all the activities at regular check points so that it is possible to avoid the losses in expiry dates, manufacturing dates and supply dates, schemes, and other details are following closely to avoid loss in the profit. Multi-currency conversion option is also available.

Stock management software, UK is built in accordance with the MHRA rules and regulations, so that owners can escape from the undue penalties and punishments. Generate all types of reports and area wise reports, manufacturer’s wise reports, company wise reports, stock and sales reports, expiry date medicine reports, profit and loss reports and many other types of reports. Inventory management is made easy with the help of robust framework of the software. 

Author Bio: We are expert in managing your Wholesale distribution software and Stock management software uk .

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