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Asus A32-N56 N56l82h A31-N56 10.8V 5200mAh Original Battery
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Asus A32-N56 N56l82h A31-N56 10.8V 5200mAh Original Battery
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Asus A32-N56 N56l82h A31-N56 10.8V 5200mAh Original Battery for Asus N46 N46V N46VJ N46VM N46VZ
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 10.8V
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh, 56Wh
Battery Color: Black
Battery Weight: 297g
Battery Size: 204.50 x 64.10 x 19.80mm
Battery Cells Amount: 6-Cells
Battery Cell Quality: Grade A
Replace Part Number:
ASUS 0B110-00060000, ASUS 0B110-00060200 ,ASUS 0B11000060000, ASUS 0B11000060200, ASUS A31-N56, ASUS A31N56, ASUS A32-N46, ASUS A32-N56 ,ASUS A32N46, ASUS A32N56, ASUS A33-N5, ASUS A33-N56, ASUS A33N56, ASUS N56l82h
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus ar5b225, DESKTOP-RT85P71, N46, n46jv, N46V, N46VJ N46VM, N46VZ, N56, N56-VJ, N56D, N56DP, N56J, N56JR-S4045H, N56L82H, N56V, N56VJ, N56VJ-DH71, N56VM, N56VZ, N76, N76V, N76VJ, N76VM, N76VZ, R701V SERIES, R701V8, ROG G56JK, ROG-G56JK
Asus G Series
G56JK, G56JR, G56JR SERIES, G56JR-CN232H, G56JR-CN273H, G56JRCN232H, G56JRCN273H
Asus N Series
N46EI321VM-SL, N46EI321VMSL, N46EI321VZ-SL, N46EI321VZSL, N46EI323VZ-SL, N46EI323VZSL, N46EI361VM-SL, N46EI361VMSL, N46EI361VZ-SL, N46EI361VZSL, N46VB, N46VJ, N46VM, N76VB, N76VZ-DH71-CA, N76VZ-DS71, N76VZDH71CA, N76VZDS71, N76YI361VZ-SL, N76YI361VZSL, N76YI363VZ-SL, N76YI363VZSL, 
Asus N56 Series
N56DY, N56JK, N56JN, N56JN-CN086H, N56JNCN086H, N56JR, N56V-N56L82H, N56VB, N56VB-S3200H, N56VB-S4050H, N56VBS3200H, N56VBS4050H, N56VJDH71, N56VM-4110V, N56VM-84034V, N56VM4110V, N56VM84034V, N56VN56L82H, N56VV, N56VV-S3043H, N56vv-S4007h, N56VVS3043H, N56vvS4007h, N56VZ-4232H, N56vz-ds71, N56VZ-S3343H, N56VZ-S4027V, N56VZ-S4160V, N56VZ-S4278H, N56VZ-S4384H, N56VZ4232H, N56vzds71, N56VZS3343H, N56VZS4027V, N56VZS4160V, N56VZS4278H, N56VZS4384H, N56X45DP-SL, N56X45DPSL, N56XI321VM-BL, N56XI321VM-SL, N56XI321VMBL, N56XI321VMSL, N56XI321VZ-SL, N56XI321VZSL, N56XI323VV-SL, N56XI323VVSL, N56XI323VZ-SL, N56XI323VZSL, N56XI361VM-SL, N56XI361VMSL, N56XI361VZ-SL, N56XI361VZSL, N56XI363VZ-SL, N56XI363VZSL
Asus R Series
R501V-S3150V, R501VM-53150V, R501VM53150V, R501VS3150V, R501VZ SERIES, R501VZ-S4387N, R501VZS4387N.
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