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Ankle Pain
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Ankle Pain Ankle Pain

Physical therapy is an excellent treatment for Achilles tendonitis to improve joint mobility and reinforce muscles to restore the range of motion.

If something is wrong with your legs, ankles, and feet, it doesn’t take long for the rest of your body to feel out of sorts. Pain in this region can immediately compromise your mobility, daily activities, and the enjoyment of your life.

People suffering with ankle pain or injuries may be able to find relief with a few days of rest and home care, but a persisting level of pain, limited range of motion, or a more severe injury is reason to see a doctor. Most ankle pain can be traced back to an injury but there are some illnesses, joint problems, and disorders that can also compromise your ankle comfort.

Ankle therapy is often the best approach to relieving ankle pain, increasing mobility and strength in the ankle, and recovering from an injury or surgery. Our team of doctors specializes in physical therapy approaches to treating ankle issues. This may include targeted exercises, ankle massage therapy, hands-on care, and modalities in your treatment plan to create a customized approach that gives you the most effective outcome in the shortest timeframe.

Ankle Physical Therapy Exercises

Your ankle joint is a weight-bearing marvel, but it’s also very susceptible to injury. The worst thing is that an already compromised ankle is instable, which can lead to further injury. This is why seeking the help of a trained physical therapist is important. They can help you rehab your ankle faster and more effectively, so you heal quickly and eliminate your chance of further injury. They might also be able to help you improve your normal gait to avoid future problems.

Some very common ankle physical therapy exercises you may encounter at Physical Therapists NYC include:

• Dorsiflexion, pulling toes upward

• Plantar flexion, pointing your toes

• Inversion, moving toes and whole foot inward

• Eversion, moving toes and whole foot outward

• Writing the alphabet in the air with your toes

• Calf raises

• Shifting your weight

• Balance exercises

These exercises are not just useful for people with ankle pain or injuries, they’re great ways to strengthen your ankle and improve your balance. This can help with walking, running, other physical activities, and sporting pursuits. Doing some of these exercises regularly or before sports can reduce your odds of having an ankle injury.

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