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Wallenstein Aaron

Aaron Wallenstein is an experienced New York criminal lawyer and NY DWI DUI defense attorney who maintains a specialized 24 / 7 practice handling
Address160 Broadway Rm 600 New York, NY 10038-4217
Phone(212) 227-7588
All charges completely dismissed (including any traffic infractions) against client, a New York Times Columnist and National TV Pundit, for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) after police arrested him while in a vehicle allegedly sleeping behind the wheel with the engine on and keys in the ignition.

All charges dismissed against client arrested for Disseminating Indecent Materials to a Minor for allegedly engaging in sexually explicit chats with an undercover police officer posing as an underage girl in a chat room (as reported on front page of New York Law Journal)

All charges dismissed against client arrested for Making a Terroristic Threat after being accused of threatening another Virginia Tech shooting attack at Hunter College campus (as reported in newspaper)

Charges dismissed against client facing state prison time after arrest for felony count of Aggravated Animal Cruelty for allegations that he beat his girlfriends dog nearly to death (as reported in newspaper)

Charges dropped against client arrested for felony count of Criminal Possession of a Weapon after client and four other co-defendants allegedly observed in school possessing a loaded Uzi that was recovered by police (other co-defendants serving state prison time) (as reported in newspaper)

Charges dropped against client, a teacher, accused of Inciting a Riot, after students protested in school after principal was fired (as reported in newspapers).
__________________________ All charges dismissed against client arrested for Disseminating Indecent Materials to a Minor for allegedly engaging in sexually explicit chats and sending sexually explicit pictures to an individual posing as a 14 year old girl in a chat room (as reported on television show Dateline)

Client avoids arrest and prosecution on Federal charges of Possession of Child Pornography after computer seized and client apprehended by special agent from the Department of Homeland Security.

Client avoids arrest and prosecution on possible Federal charges of Criminal Possession of a controlled substance with Intent to sell after ATF seizes a large amount of a controlled substance shipped from out of state into workplace.

All charges dismissed against client arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a customer at fast food place.

All charges dismissed against client arrested for Driving While Intoxicated By Drugs after client allegedly found dazed and in possession of Isoflorene when stopped by police.

Client avoids arrest and prosecution on first degree rape charges after accused by female acquaintance of rape on a retreat.

New York DWI, DUI, Robbery, Assult, Gun Posession, Burglary and Drunk Driving Information and Criminal Defense Attorney, Laywer, New York . New York Criminal Defense Lawyer, Drunk Driving Law, New York Criminal Defense Attorney, DWI Attorney, NY DUI Lawyer, NY DWI Lawyer

If you've been arrested or accused of a crime, Call Us. - Available for arraignments or any emergency service 24/7.

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Maximum effort to achieve maximum results.
Answer all questions and review, explain and update the progression of your case including after its disposition.
Aggressively plea bargain with the prosecutor on your case.

The Importance of a Having A Skilled & Experienced Criminal / DWI Lawyer Handle Your DUI Case in New York

An arrest for DWI in New York has many ramifications. First of all you will be facing criminal charges and a potential criminal record, as a conviction for Driving While Intoxicated would give you at least a misdemeanor record and in some cases a felony. A criminal record would potentially put someone in danger of losing their job or prevent you from seeking future employment if a background check was done or if youre faced with filling out an application and asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime.
Sentencing- Jail Time/ Probation/Fines/Program/ License Suspension or Revocation
With a conviction a mandatory sentence would follow. You could receive a sentence of a fine, a DWI program, and a license suspension or revocation or even jail time or probation. A fine can range anywhere from as low as $300 to as high as $10,000 in some cases. Your license could be suspended for 90 days or revoked for as long as 18 months. You could also receive a sentence ranging from no jail time to up to 7 years. The trend in New York over the last couple of years has been the DAs offices and courts getting much tougher on DWI cases. It would have been easy for me to say that most first time offenders without many aggravating factors would not have to aggressively fight to at the very least receive no jail time after a first DWI arrest. But nowadays some of the counties in New York, especially Nassau County, you need to aggressively fight DWI charges just to avoid jail time even on a first arrest. That is why it is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced DWI lawyer in New York handle your case. To maximize your potential in having your case dismissed or reduced to something without any record and mitigating your case to the lower end in the wide range of potential sentences. Aaron Wallenstein is a premier New York Criminal / DWI lawyer who has had numerous DWI cases in New York dismissed. He handles DWI Cases in most New York Counties Such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Rockland, Westchester, Richmond, Nassau, and Suffolk. How your case is handled could be the difference between a dismissed case, or at the very least a reduced charge to something that would give you no criminal record, as opposed to having a criminal record. It could be the difference in having no penalty as opposed to serving jail time or paying a fine and doing a program. It could also mean the difference between having your driving privileges restored or having your driving privileges suspended or revoked for a longer period of time.
Forfeiture of Your Vehicle

Drivers License / Privileges Suspended Pending Prosecution
In most situations an accused will have their drivers license or privileges suspended by a judge as soon as they make their first appearance in court at arraignments. Specifically, if a motorist blows over a .08 BAC on a calibrated Intoxilizer 5000 breath machine, or refuses to blow into that machine at the police precinct when properly asked, a judge will suspend your drivers license or privilege right away, even though your case has just started and you have not been found guilty of a crime. An experienced and skilled New York Criminal / DWI lawyer knows that this does not necessarily have to be automatic if the DAs office does not file in court the proper paperwork. An experienced and skilled New York DWI lawyer also knows to request a refusal hearing from the arraignment part to be held within 15 days at the DMW on a refusal case. This is a good means to get your drivers license or privilege restored while the case is still pending, or at the very least this is a good forum to hear the arresting police officer testify early in the case before a DA can help him piece together the circumstances surrounding the arrest and prosecution. An experienced and skilled New York DWI / Criminal lawyer will also help guide an accused get a pre-conditional drivers license if he is suspended pending prosecution so they can drive for certain purposes, or a conditional license for after the case is finished if the motorist is suspended. Aaron Wallenstein is a premier New York Criminal / DWI lawyer who has had numerous DWI cases in New York dismissed. He handles DWI Cases in most New York Counties Such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Rockland, Westchester, Richmond, Nassau, and Suffolk.

Theft in Hermes Store

Highest Court in New York Affirms Dismissal of Clients Case for Disseminating Indecent Materials to a Minor

Grand Larceny and Tax Evasion by Famed Bagel Store Owner

What New York Criminal Lawyers Should Be Discussing With You About Your Case.
Once you have been arrested for a crime in New York most people will contact New York criminal lawyers because of a concern of the impact that their case will have on their liberty and their livelihood. New York City criminal attorneys should be able to give you somewhat of an expectation as to the possibilities of your avoiding having a criminal record, based on your case, and the possibility of exposure to serving any jail time, and how much time that might be.
While every individual case is different, New York criminal lawyers should be able to extract from you the elements of your alleged criminal conduct that will factor into your exposure to having a criminal record and serving jail time. The right NY criminal lawyer should be able to discuss with you how to navigate a path to hopefully avoiding any criminal record, or jail time, or even getting your case dismissed or receiving a plea offer that will have you avoid any criminal record and lesson any possible punishment. Aaron Wallenstein is a top New York criminal lawyer that can help you in achieving the best possible results for your case.
Your New York criminal lawyer should also discuss with you how the county you are arrested in tends to prosecute your type of case. Different counties will handle cases differently and maybe harsher than other counties on different crimes in New York. Some NYC counties will offer to plea bargain on certain criminal charges will others will only allow you to plead to only the top charge.
Some counties may force you to waive speedy trial time and or grand jury presentation time in order to discuss a possible plea offer. Sometimes New York criminal lawyers will voluntarily request the waiving of this time to discuss a possible plea bargain or present certain evidence to a prosecutor to attempt to clear an accused or to try to get a plea offer. New York criminal attorneys should know if your arrest is a case that you should be waiving time to discuss a plea offer, or to present evidence tending to clear the accused, or in the contrary if your case is the type that you should force the prosecutor to move forward with a case to the next stage giving the prosecutor scant amount of time. Aaron Wallenstein is a top NYC criminal lawyer that practices in both State and Federal court in most New York counties such as; Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Nassau, Westchester, Staten Island, Rockland and Suffolk.


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