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Gilbins Name Tapes & Camp Product

Gilbin. Com your online source for your camp and home needs.
Address55 Walton St Brooklyn, NY 11206-4991
Phone(718) 246-8228
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"Camp is Cool"
"Camp News"BL
"Hi From camp" w/w
"I Love Camp"
"News From Camp"
"News From Camp" w/w

"The Latest Buzz"

2 Layer Windproof Golf Umbrella
2 Piece Jersey Sheet Set

3 Piece Hanging Storage
3 Piece Jersey Sheet Set

5-Tier Organizer Dog
5-Tier Organizer Elephant
5-Tier Organizer Frog
5-Tier Organizer Pig

8 Pocket Over The Door
A note from camp folding card

Adult Swim Suit
Adult Vinyl Poncho
After Bite Itch Eraser
After Bite Xtra
Aluminum water bottle
American Tourister Large Soft Trunk W. Wheels
American Tourister Med. Soft Trunk W. Wheels
Animal Basket Bear 9" x 14"
Animal Basket Dog 9" x 14"
Animal Basket Elephant 9" x 14"
Animal Basket Frog 9" x 14"
Animal Basket Lady Bug 9" x 14"
Animal Basket Pig 9" x 14"
Animal Basket Tiger 9" x 14"
Animal Toy Chest Round

Assorted Postcards - Boys
Assorted Postcards - Girls
Autograph Jersey Pillow
Autograph Photo Frame

Ball Camp Stationery
Balloon Toy Chest Round
Balls Fold & Seal Cards
Banana Boat After Sun Spray Gel
Banana Boat Kids SPF 50
Banana Boat Plus Bronzer Lotion
Banana Boat Sport Spray SPF 30
Banana Boat Tanning Oil Spray SPF 15
Banana Boat Ultra Mist SPF 30
Banana Boat Ultra Sunblock SPF 30
Bandana Draw String Bag

Basket Ball Autograph

Basketball Sock Bag
Bat and Ball Pillow

Bath Towels - Colors

Bathtub Toy Storage Frog

Bear Laundry Hamper Square
Bee Happy / Peace Pillowcase
Bikini Wash Sac

Blue Plaid Sleeping Bag

Boom Box Pillow
Bottle Holder Waistbag
Boys Camp Journal
Bra Washing Cube
Burgundy Sleeping Bag

Camp Address Book-Boys
Camp Address Book-Girls
Camp Autograph Pillowcase

Camp awesome Postcards

Camp Folding Card

Camp is awesome w/l
Camp is Cool Pillowcase
Camp Is Cool Postcards
Camp Is Fun!
Camp Is.. Postcard
Camp Is Pillow
Camp Jacket/Adult
Camp Jacket/Youth

Camp News BR
Camp news post cards
Camp News Postcard
Camp News Postcards
Camp News Postcards w/w
Camp News Stationery
Camp News w/l
Camp News.with Heart
Camp Peace Stationery

Camp Rocks Stationery
Camp Sports Postcard

Campers First Aid Kit
Canvas Duffle Bag

Canvas Duffle Bag Round

Carabiner With Light & Whistle
Cell Phone Address Book

Charles River Rain Coat

Clear Dress / Suit Bag
Clear Storage Bag
Clear Underbed Storage

Clown Face Toy Chest Round
Clown Toy Chest Round
Collapsible Clothes Dryer
Collapsible Laundry Bag

Compact Disc Case
Compartment Storage Hamper
Cot/Poly Fitted Cot Sheet
Cot/Poly Flat Cot Sheet
Cot/Poly Twin Sheet Set

Cozy poncho Blanket
Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Cruise Line Cooler
Cupcake Fuzzy Blanket
Cupcake Fuzzy Pants
CupCake Fuzzy Pillow
Cut Boxer Black Cheer Word
Cut Boxer Black Jersey
Cut Boxer Black/Pink Flannel
Cut Boxer Green Camo
Cut Boxer Lime Flannel
Cut Boxer Pink Camo
Cut Boxer Pink Jersey
Cut Boxer Pink/Black Flannel
Cut Boxer Polka Dots

Daily Activity Organizer

Deluxe Fan/Light
Deluxe Ironing Board Cover
Denim Bed Caddy
Denim Laundry Bag
Desk Breezer Fan

Dobby Meal Carrier
Dog Storage Cube
Dry Erase Board
Duck Storage Cube
Duck Toy Mesh Bag

Economy Golf Umbrella
Edge Bonded Matt
Egg Crate Foam
Elephant Laundry Hamper Square
Elephant Storage Cube
End Of Bed Shoe Bag
Eveready Flash light

Excell 3 Pairs Crew
Excell 3 Pairs Slouch
Excell 6 Pairs No-Show
Excell 6 Pairs Quarter
Eye Gear Case
EZ - Freeze Bottle
Fabric Dress / Suit Garment Bag

Fabric Mini Carry All

Fanny Pack Leather

Fill In Camp Stationery
Fill-in Camp Stationery

Flannel Boxer Black/Gold
Flannel Boxer Black/Pink
Flannel Boxer Blackwatch
Flannel Boxer Brown/Pink
Flannel Boxer Lime
Flannel Boxer Maroon/Gold
Flannel Boxer Navy/Silver
Flannel Boxer Red
Flannel Boxer Red/Black
Flannel Boxer Royal/Silver
Flannel Boxer Teal/Black
Flannel Boxer White/Black
Flannel Capri Baby Blue
Flannel Capri Lime
Flannel Capri Pink/Black
Flannel Capri Royal/White
Flannel Fitted Sheet
Flannel Flat Sheet
Flannel Pants Black/Gold
Flannel Pants Black/Pink
Flannel Pants Brown/Orange
Flannel Pants Brown/Pink
Flannel Pants Lime
Flannel Pants Maroon/Gold
Flannel Pants Orange/Navy
Flannel Pants Purple/Gold
Flannel Pants Purple/White
Flannel Pants Red
Flannel Pants Red/Black
Flannel Pants Royal/Gold
Flannel Pants Royal/Silver
Flannel Pants Teal/Black
Flannel PantsWhite/Black
Flannel Pillow Case
Flannel Sling Bag-Pink Camo
Flannel Sling Bag-Pink/Black
Flannel Sling Bag-Royal/White
Flap Over Fashion Tote

Fleece Capri Black
Fleece Capri Navy
Fleece Capri Pink

Fleetwood Mat. Cover
Flip Flop Shoe Bag
Flip Flop Space Saver
FlipFlops Shower Caddy
Flower Bed Caddy
Flower Fold & Seal Cards

Flower Shower Caddy
Fold & Seal Mailer
Folding Double Mirror

Friends Autograph Pillow
Friends T-Shirt Pillow

Fries Address Book

Frog Bathroom Toy Holder
Frog Laundry Hamper Square
Frog Storage Cube
Fuzzy Pants Cupcake

Fuzzy Pants Groovy

Fuzzy Pants Monkey

Fuzzy Pants Peace

Gingham Round Pop Up Laundry Hamper
Girls Camp Journal

Greeting card How is my camper?

Groovy Fuzzy Blanket
Groovy Fuzzy Pants
Groovy Fuzzy Pillow

Hanes ComfortBlend Kids' Hoodie
Hanes ComfortBlend Youth Crewneck Sweatshirt
Hanging Shoe Bag

Hanging Shoe Bag Multi
Hanging Shoe Organizer
Hanging Space Saver
Hanging Storage Closet
Hanging Sweater Dryer
Hanging Toiletry Bag

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil
Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock
Hello from camp w/flowers
Hi Camp Post cards
Hi from Camp w/l
Hi, Hello Hi folding card
High Tech Trunk
Hooded Full Zip Sweatshirt
Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt

Hooded Zip SweatShirt
Hosiery Wash Protector Bag
Hot Dog Pillow
Infant Comfort Zone

Insect Repellent Netrapel
Insulated Bottle Bag

Islander Youth Cap
Jersey Capri Black
Jersey Capri Gray
Jersey Capri Navy
Jersey Capri Pink
Jersey Capri Red
Jersey Capri Royal
Jersey Knit Comforter
Jersey Knit Comforter - Blue Plaid
Jersey Knit Comforter - Cupcake
Jersey Knit Comforter - Flip Flop
Jersey Knit Comforter - Heather Grey
Jersey Knit Comforter - Hot Pink
Jersey Knit Comforter - Navy
Jersey Knit Comforter - Peace/Love
Jersey Knit Twin Sheet Set
Jersey Twin Sheet Set
Jumbo Hanging Dryer

Keychain Misting Fan
Kids Flex Fleece Zip Hoody
Kids Jersey Legging

Kipling Challenger Backpack
Kipling Hiker Backpack
Kipling Pencil Case / Cosmetic Bag
Kipling Ridge Backpack
Kipling Scoop Med. Backpack
Kipling Small Backpack
Kipling Tinos Shoulder Bag
Lady Bug Storage Cube

Laundry Bag Printed "Laundry"
Laundry Bag With Instructions
Leather Toiletry Kit

Lingerie Wash Bag
Little Square Pillow

Medium Dufflel Bag
Mesh bottle bag
Mesh Laundry & Sock Bag
Mesh Laundry Bag

Mesh Laundry Bag - Camp
Mesh Laundry Bag - Dorm Caddy
Mesh Mini Carry All
Mesh Short Black/White

Metal Covered Trunk
Metal Lensatic Compass
Metallic Ironing Board Cover

Mini Hard Trunk
Mini head Lamp

Monkey Fuzzy Blanket
Monkey Fuzzy Pants
Monkey Fuzzy Pillow
Mosquito Head Net
Multi Color/Pease Laundry Bag
Multi Smiley Stationery

My Stuff Bed Caddy

News from Camp!
News From...Postcards

Novelty Capri Cheer Tattoo
Novelty Capri Green Camo
Novelty Capri Madras
Novelty Capri Pink Camo
Novelty Capri Rainbow Tie-Dye
Novelty Pants Blue Argyle
Novelty Pants Blue Camo
Novelty Pants Classic Camo
Novelty Pants Pink Argyle
Novelty Pants Polka Dots
Novelty Pants Red Camo
Novelty Pants Strawberries
Novelty Pants Urban Camo
Novelty Pants Watermelons
Novelty Pants-Rainbow Tie Dye
Nylon / Mesh Laundry Bag
Nylon Laundry Bag
Off Deep Woods Insect Spray
Orbz Shower Bucket

Peace Bandana Pillow
Peace Fuzzy Blanket
Peace Fuzzy Pillow
Peace Love Pillowcase

Peace/Love Toiletry Kit
Peace/love/friends Pillow
Penguin Hamper Round

Pillow Lap Desk

Pocket Size Umbrella
Polyester Toiletry Bag
Pop Up Caddy
Pop Up Laundry Basket

Portable Camp Lamp
Printed Ironing Board Cover
Printed Name Tapes

Quilted Cot Pad
Quilted Toiletry Bag
Quilted Toiletry Kit
Race Car Round Hamper
Racer Anti-Fog Goggle
Rain Coat/Adult
Rain Coat/Youth

Rainbow Draw String Bag
Rainbow Shoe Bag
Rainbow Sock Bag
Rainbow Tote Bag
Round Canvas Hamper
Round Dog Laundry Hamper
Round Dolphin Hamper
Round Duck Hamper
Round Elephant Hamper
Round Fabric Hamper
Round Frog Hamper
Round Lady Bug Laundry Hamper
Round Mesh Hamper
Round Mouse Laundry Hamper
Round Teddy Bear Hamper
Round Tiger Hamper

Shower Bucket - Lg
Shower Bucket - Sm

Slot Machine Cooler

Small Fashion Tote

Smiley Autograph Pillow

S'more News postcards
Sneaker Wash Tube
Soap/Toothbrush Holder

Soccer Ball Autograph

Soft Soap Case
Soft Trunk w Wheels - Large
Soft Trunk w Wheels - Medium
Soft-Trunk W/O Wheels - Jumbo
Soft-Trunk W/O Wheels - Lg
Sport Back Pack

Sport CD Player Bag

Sports Camp Stationery

Sports Space Saver

Spot Flash Light
Stainless Steel Bottle
Stick On Name Tapes

Suction Fog Away Mirror
Suction- Magnifying Mirror

Suction Shower Basket

Summer Suede Pants
Sweat Pants - Adult
Sweat Pants - Youth

Sweater Storage Bag

Table Top Ironing Boards
Techdura Shoe Bag
Teddy Bear Pillow

Terry Robe - Adult
Terry Robe - Youth

The Camp Vault
Tie Dye Robe

Tie Dye Sheet
Tie Dye- Teal/Navy
Tie Dye Towels
Tie Dye-Bright Spiral

Tie Dyed Bed Caddy
Tie Dyed Hand Bag
Tie Dyed Peace Rug
Tie Dyed Rug
Tie Dyed Toiletry Kit
Tie Dye-Pastel Spiral

Turq Peace Poncho
Tye Dyd Bag Blue/Pink
Tye Dyd Robe
Tye Dye Friends Pillowcase
Tye Dye Picture Pillow
Tye Dye T-Shirt Pillow
Tye Dyed Flat Sheet
Under Bed Storage

Under The Bed Storage

Value Lite Garrity
Vinyl Covered Trunk
Vinyl Mat. Cover
Vinyl Zip Mat. Cover
Waistbag w/bottle holder

Washcloths - Color

Waterproof Cot Pad
Waterproof Disposable Camera
Windproof Golf Umbrella
Women's Alpine Parka

Woven Name Tapes
Wow Bed Caddy

Youth Jersey Legging
Youth Swim Suit
Youth Vinyl Poncho

Zippered Sport Tote

Laundry - Mesh Bags

Blankets - Pillows

Rain Coats/Jackets

Flash Lights - Batteries

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Browse our extensive selection of exciting camp products, we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Soft trunk, duffel bags, sleeping bags, name tapes, wool blankets, toiletry kit, cot sheets, jumbo laundry bags, terry robe, name labels, and beach towels. We have the camp gear to accommodate your every need when it's time to set up for camp. GILBIN is renowned for listening to our customers. We welcome your comments.

We have jumbo laundry bags available in a mesh material, as well as non-mesh nylon jumbo laundry bags. Our duffel bags are available in 3 different sizes and the prices of these duffel bags will vary depending on which size duffel bags you wish to purchase. We feature cot bedding, with cotton flat, fitted cot sheets and flannel cot sheets available. If a cot sheet isn’t enough to keep you warm, we also have wool blankets, cotton blankets and fleece blankets. Our camp store also features adult sleeping bags, kids sleeping bags and micro fleece mummy sleeping bags. You will also notice that we offer toiletry kits available in several materials and designs from leather and nylon toiletry kits to hanging toiletry kits. GILBIN also offers soft trunks and hard trunks to store your camp gear in. The soft trunk has a separate zippered compartment on top and folds flat for easy storage where as the hard trunks are heavy duty. Finally, we realize the importance of having your camp gear clearly marked. We feature name tapes designs to mark your gear. Our name labels are available as iron-on or sew-on and range in color from black to blue to red. These printed name tapes and woven name labels are clearly the best option for every camper to label their gear. Our gift/home division includes dinnerware, costume jewelry, plates and platters, handcrafted art glass, serving pieces, furniture, vases, games and much more. The dinnerware selection from includes 19 different patterns. Our web site has such an extensive assortment of home and camping items; you will just enjoy looking around. For additional information on any of our camp products, please browse the buttons to your left and do not hesitate to contact us with any specific questions.


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